ALBIS PLASTIC receives international distribution rights from SIPOL®



Hamburg, 19 July 2013

ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH, the Hamburg-based European specialist in distribution and compounding of technical thermoplastics, take over the marketing activities of SIPOLPRENE®, the Ether Ester Thermoplastic Elastomer of the company SIPOL® SpA. The sales agreement applies to all ALBIS’ sales offices and areas of responsibility, with exclusivity rights in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom and Ireland.

“The completion of the TPE portfolio of ALBIS PLASTIC to include SIPOLPRENE® is an important step for us. It is the perfect complement to our established TPE portfolio which is already successful in nearly all sales regions”, said Wilhelm Lemme, Director Business Line Advanced Products at ALBIS PLASTIC.

The SIPOLPRENE® brand from SIPOL® which so far is particularly well known in Southern Europe has a lot of potential for further international markets. “The combination of SIPOL®’s flexibility and technical competence, typical for a medium-sized Italian company, and ALBIS’s strong technical and commercial presence in the markets will allow both parties to further strengthen their market position through customer satisfaction and continuous technical innovation”, adds Dott.Cattaneo, Managing Director of SIPOL® SpA.

SIPOL® SpA profile in brief

SIPOL® SpA is based at Mortara (30 km west of Milan) and it focuses exclusively on the polymerisation of specialty products co-polyesters and co-polyamide based.

SIPOL® is active in the field of Engineering Plastics with the range of SIPOLPRENE®, a TPC-ET family of products ether-ester based with hardness between 25 and 72 Sh D.

SIPOL® has been founded in 1998 and currently employs 32 people. Its main business is the development and manufacturing of hot-melt adhesives for niches applications in the footwear industry, in textile lamination and in the air/oil filters’ manufacturing.

ALBIS PLASTIC profile in brief

ALBIS PLASTIC is one of Europe’s leading companies in the distribution and compounding of technical thermoplastics. In addition to the product portfolio of well-known plastic manufacturers, ALBIS offers the plastic processing industry a diverse product range of high performance plastics, compound solutions and masterbatch. In the 2012 business year, the ALBIS Group, which has approximately 960 employees, achieved sales of 753 million euros. With 17 subsidiaries, the Hamburg-based company is represented in many European countries as well as in North Africa, the Far East and North America. ALBIS manufactures plastic compounds and masterbatch at three locations in Europe – Hamburg (Germany), Zülpich (Germany) and Manchester (United Kingdom), as well as in the new production site at Changshu, China. For more information, please visit