SIPOL® is part of the TECNOGI group


TECNOGI S.p.A. produces impregnated fabrics and plastic materials meant to be transformed
into toe puffs and counters for footwear and thermo-adhesive fabrics for reinforcement.


Cepat AG

Cepat AG provides co-polyester, co-polyamides and thermoplastic ether-ester elastomers.
The Cepatex® portfolio includes a wide range of products developed according to the customers’ needs with particular
attention to the automotive and textile industry.

TMP Logo

Associazione Italiana Tecnici Materie Plastiche
. It aims to inform and update the plastics sector’s technicians on the materials, their use, their design and new technologies, favoring the professional growth of its members.

Sagitta Logo

Sagitta produces footwear machines, leather goods machines, rubber granulation machines and plastics.

Radici Group Logo

RadiciGroup is one of the most active Italian chemical realities at international level.
It is a leader in the polyamides’ production and distribution, chemical intermediates, high performance polymers, synthetic fibers and non-woven.

ARCHA logo

ARCHA Srl Laboratories
Laboratorio di Analisi e Ricerche di CHimica Applicata. It is an advanced laboratory with qualified equipment and staff, organized in three sectors: technical, ICT and industrialization.

MAAG Group Logo

MAAG Group
Five successful and highly experienced companies came together in order to become the global partner for the polymer industry. It offers high-level equipment for various needs, not only for polymers applications, but also for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

G&G Logo

G&G Web Agency & Communication
G&G Web Agency & Communication is a young and dynamic reality that increases its skills day by day to guarantee the customer the achievement of its goal within the Web, Online Marketing and Visual Communication.