Mission Statement


  • We are a privately held Italian company with worldwide commercial presence in selected market niches.
  • We are a performance-driven company which focuses on the growth value of our business as well as on our shareholderscompetitive return.
  • We have a customer-oriented approach, which has the objective of fulfilling customer requirements through innovation



  • Our know-how on polymer modification allows us to develop tailor-made solutions for customers’ applications.
  • Our greatest strength lies in the development and production co-polyesters and co-polyamides
  • Our range of products provides innovative and sustainable solutions for both adhesives and engineering plastics fields.
  • Thanks to the medium-sized dimension of the company and its lean structure, our service is faster and more flexible than any of our competitors.
  • Reliability of both our management and our operating system ensure maximum safety to all our employees, the environment and the community itself.



  • Our goal is to achieve a leading worldwide market position in co-polyesters and co-polyamides in market segments of footwear lasting adhesives, filters paper bonding and textile lamination.
  • We aim at becoming the best alternative supplier for co-polyester elastomers on the engineering plastics worldwide market
  • Our goal is to maximize profits by offering both, excellent products and services to our customers.



  • We are committed to business growth while remaining a privately held, independent player.
  • We are committed to both safety and health of all our employees, to protection of the environment and to the quality of life in the community in which we operate.
  • We are committed to achieving our objectives by only combining them with social and environmental sustainability.